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扑克时间游戏下载:Hainan R&F Ocean Paradise opens to public

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2021-12-23

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An aerial view of Hainan R&F Ocean Paradise. [Photo/VCG]

On Dec 22, Hainan R&F Ocean Paradise, one of the key construction projects in Hainan province, opened in Lingshui Li autonomous county. It covers an area of 2,000 mu (133.3 hectares)  with a total investment of about 6.5 billion yuan ($1.02 billion).

The project is located on the shore at Li'an Port. The park is based on the internationally leading theme park development model. It has five major parks such as Discovery Harbor, Sansha City, and Adventure Ocean, and more than 40 sets of international amusement facilities as well as eight animal venues such as South China Sea Secrets, Sea Turtle museum, and Ray Pavilion. It also provides exciting performances such as the Legend of the South China Sea Mermaid, and the Happy Sea Lion Classroom.

The total water volume of the South China Sea Secret Pavilion exceeds 135,000 metric tons with more than 1,500 marine species and more than 40,000 marine creatures, most of which come from the South China Sea. The pavilion allows tourists to understand the rich diversity of marine species in the South China Sea and arises tourists' environmental protection awareness of the marine ecological environment.

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